Club By-Laws







Inland Empire Steam and Gas Buffs
Amended April, 2015


This club shall be known as the “Inland Empire Steam and Gas Buffs.”

ARTICLE II – Purpose

The purpose of this club, a registered, non-profit organization in the State of Washington, is preserving and demonstrating pioneer methods of living and the operation and maintenance of antique machinery.

ARTICLE III – Membership

Membership in this club shall be granted to any person in accord with the aims and purposes of the club upon payment of dues.

ARTICLE IV – Officers

Section 1. The elected officers of this club shall be a President, Vice-president, Secretary, Treasurer, and six Directors. These ten positions shall comprise the Board of Directors.

Section 2. It is the duty and responsibility of the Board of Directors to maintain the integrity of the purpose of the club as stated in ARTICLE II of the constitution in all business and activities.

Section 3. The term of the office of President shall be for two years. A person may be elected to and serve no more than two consecutive two-year terms as president. That person may not be elected for another term to the office of President until one year has passed. This person is eligible for any other elected office after serving all or part of the two-year term.

Section 4. The term of the office of Director shall be for three years. When the three-year term has been completed, that person may not be elected for a second term to the office of Director until one year has passed. This person is eligible for any other elected office after serving all or part of the three-year term.

Section 5. The terms of the offices of Vice-president, Secretary and treasurer shall be for two years each with no limit to the number of terms in succession to which a person may be elected.

Section 6. Appointed positions by the President shall be Department Heads, Committee Chairmen, Editor of Old Iron, and Fair Chairman. Each appointed position is for a one-year term.

Section 7. A member may be elected to and hold only one office at a time. A member may hold an appointed position while in an elected office.

Section 8. Any elected officer or member in an appointed position who is adjudged of improper conduct (see By-laws ARTICLE III, Section 4) shall forfeit his/her office or appointment upon suspension of membership.

ARTICLE V – Meetings

Section 1. The membership shall be notified by the president of each scheduled meeting not less than ten days in advance of the meeting.

Section 2. No fewer than four meeting each year shall be held on the second Sunday of February, May, August and November unless a holiday or special event interferes.

Section 3. The election of officers shall be held at the November meeting each year.

ARTICLE VI – Amendments

This constitution may be amended at any regular or special meeting by a two-thirds vote of those members present.

Inland Empire Steam and Gas Buffs
Amended April, 2015

ARTICLE I – Duties of Officers

Section 1. It shall be the duty of the President to preside at all meetings of the association, appoint committees as described below and perform all other duties pertaining to his office.
Subsection A. The President shall appoint three members, not currently serving on the board, to an audit committee at the first quarter meeting. The committee shall insure that adequate records are being created, stored and backed up and verify the accuracy of all reports prepared by the treasurer. The committee shall present to the board at its 2nd quarter meeting its recommendations and assessment of the accuracy of the previous year’s Treasurer’s reports.
Subsection B. At or before the fourth quarter board meeting the president shall appoint a board member to prepare an annual budget.
Subsection C. The President shall submit a list of names at the third quarter meeting for the board to consider as members of the Nominating Committee. The board shall approve three members for that Committee by two-thirds majority with no more than one being a current board member. Members of the nominating committee shall not be eligible for election to any office that year.
Subsection D. The President shall appoint three members to a balloting committee at the fourth quarter meeting, who will count the ballots and report the results.

Section 2. In the absence of or disability of the President, the Vice-president shall perform all the duties of the President.

Section 3. In the absence or disability of the President and Vice-president, the board shall appoint a member to perform the duties of the president.

Section 4. The Secretary shall keep the minutes of all proceedings and record the same. The Secretary shall give notices of all meetings and perform all secretarial duties deemed necessary to the best interests of the organization.

Section 5. The Treasurer shall receive and safely keep the funds of the club, pay all authorized bills, maintain all membership and business records, make any necessary reports to government agencies and prepare quarterly reports of receipts and disbursements. In the absence or disability of the treasurer, the secretary shall be empowered to perform the ordinary functions of the treasurer.

Section 6. Bonding shall not be required until assets total more than twenty thousand dollars ($20,000).

ARTICLE II – Election of Officers

Section 1. The Nominating Committee shall choose a slate of candidates and present it to the membership by publishing the slate in the October/November/December issue of OLD IRON. Ballots (one per member) shall be included in the same issue of OLD IRON. Ballots may be taken to the November meeting or mailed to the Secretary. The Secretary shall hold the unopened envelopes until the November meeting when they will be handed to the Ballot Committee to be counted along with the other ballots.

Section 2. Persons nominated as officers shall be current members with more than one year of membership.

Section 3. The remaining term of resigned or vacated offices shall be filled by appointment of the President.

Section 4. Special elections may be called when officers and directors total fewer than six in number.

ARTICLE III – Membership

Section 1. Any person who is in accord with the aims and purposes of this organization is eligible for membership with payment of dues.

Section 2. Applicants for membership prior to January 1973 shall be considered and recognized as charter members.

Section 3. Membership withdrawal shall be made by notification to the Treasurer. No dues will be refunded.

Section 4. Members, individually or collectively, may be adjudged of improper conduct by an appointed impartial board. Suspension of membership may be invoked.

Section 5. An elected officer may be considered resigned from office after missing three(3) consecutive business meetings, which include board and general meetings, unless excused by the president. The Board of Directors will be the body to grant excused absences for the president’s position.


Section 1. Annual dues shall be twenty dollars ($20.00) per calendar year from January 1 through December 31, payable in advance.

Section 2. Delinquent payments shall not exceed forty-five (45) days to retain membership in the organization.

Section 3. If a new member pays first time dues between January 1 and June 30, it will be for the current year. If a new member pays first time dues between July 1 and December 31, that membership is good through December 31 of the following year.

Section 4. The Inland Empire Steam & Gas Buffs (IES&GB) is a branch of the Early Day Gas Engine and Tractor Association (EDGE&TA). Members of IES&GB are not required to become members of EDGE&TA. Nevertheless, anyone who wants to participate in the operation of tractors or any other kind of machinery at an IES&GB event must be a member of EDGE&TA.

ARTICLE V – Committees

Special committees may be elected by the membership at any meeting or appointed by the President.

ARTICLE VI – Finance

Section 1. An annual budget shall be submitted to the board at the first quarter meeting for approval by a two–thirds majority.

Section 2. Approval of the budget provides authority for expenditures within the scope of the budget. Unbudgeted expenditures in excess of $250 shall be approved by either the President or Vice-president prior to payment by the Treasurer.

Section 3. Expenditures in excess of the approved amount for a budget category and expenditures outside the approved budget shall be approved by a two–thirds vote of the board.
Section 4. Dues collected for EDGE&TA membership shall be promptly remitted to EDGE&TA and not included in the budget.

ARTICLE VII – Amendment

These by-laws may be amended at any regular or special meeting by a two-thirds vote of those members present.

ARTICLE VIII – Parliamentary Authority

Roberts Rules of Order shall be the parliamentary authority on all matters not covered by the Constitution and By-laws of this club.

ARTICLE IX – Club Abandonment

The property of the Corporation, “Inland Empire Steam and Gas Buffs” is irrevocably dedicated to the promotion and furthering of the purposes set forth in ARTICLE II of this Constitution. Upon dissolution or abandonment of this club, after all financial obligations have been satisfied in full, all remaining assets shall be given to a non-profit organization decided upon by the remaining membership

ARTICLE X – Discrimination/Harassment

Section 1. It is the policy of this organization not to discriminate because of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, handicap or anything else one could think of.

Section 2. It is the policy of this organization to not allow any kind of harassment.